Friday, November 25, 2011

Who's team do you play for?

Happy Grey Cup weekend or whatever! I didn't even know it was happening/which teams were playing (still don't) until I showed up at work and they made me wear this whore-ish 'football jersey'. EW. So freaking glad I quit that place.
What this post is really about is your Girl-Team. You know, those hot chicks you get to hang out with whenever you want: when you are so happy you feel like your head might explode, when you just wanna drink way too much wine and listen to music that is way too loud and get dressed up in way too much glitter/leather/lace/lipstick/backcombing, or when you are like, FUCK LIFE and your girls are like, FUCK LIFE too.
These are the girls I'm talking about.

"my friends are prettier than your friends #tequila"

xo jess

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