Monday, January 30, 2012

take a gander..

I realized a few things about myself today:
I am the girl that eats carrots in the quiet room,
I am the girl who dresses extra cute on test days because i think that if I look good, i will feel good and i will therefore do good,
I am the girl who eats things like cheese and brownies after a stressful day.

I also realized some things about me that may or may not make me shallow:
I could never take a boy seriously if his morning drink was a cafe-mocha,
I could never date a boy that wears running shoes on a day-to-day basis,
I think high-heels, jeans, and a work-out-zip-up-hoodie is the anti-christ.

I also realized something i never thought i'd confess to anyone!
I kind of like writing exams


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

some are curvy some are skinny

okay! I am the first one to admit that i am a curvy lady. I can safely say that yes, i have a butt and yes, it is large, and yes it is round. okay! that's cool! and you know what. some girls are skinny! some are just GENETICALLY designed to be tall and lean and thin. okay?! so to be honest, things like this: PISS ME OFF!!

yes three of those girls are probably anorexic, but the second one is looking fly!  things like this are just PROMOTING bad behavior. its saying that looking one way is better than looking the other. i dont know this just makes me angry! 

all i have to say is that some girls are curvy and some girls are skinny so can we please just give it all a rest? 


See you on the slip side

This post is about two unrelated things.

1. A trend I am obsessed with is wearing slips as layering pieces. Free People does it best (I'm crazy about their blog). Those pretty little underclothes should be seen by the world! Especially when they are as gorgeous as these.

2. Tin-can heart and I leave for Australia in 27 hours. WHAT. If you are curious about what sort of trouble we are getting ourselves into, you should check out her blog.

Crimson Rosella for Wyatt

xo jess

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can we talk about my parents for a second??

On my parent's honeymoon, instead of taking regular photos like everyone else they decided to take slides. I think they thought they were on the cutting edge of technology or something.. "In a year EVERYONE will have a slide projector right in their own homes to view their pictures!" So practical.

Anyways, the reality is that it has taken until now (25 years later) for them to get around to transferring all the slides (like, 200 of them) onto digital format. And by them, I mean me. And by me, I mean London Drugs Photolab.
My dad is such a closet sentimental softie that he will DIE of happiness when he sees them.

Here is a sneak peak.
He is so pleased with himself.

Such cuties!!

I want all of her clothes.

 They look so young and carefree and happy! I'm never having children.

xo jess

Monday, January 16, 2012

A New List

21 Things in 2012

- have an afternoon tea party
- make homemade jams
- write letters. and send them to friends. 
- More board games
- make a time capsule
- dress up more often - this includes dresses, heels and costumes
- play tennis - for once in my life
- tons of bike rides
- make a new friend
- take the summer off work to drink beer and meet cute boys - I am not letting another 4 years go by without going to the beach!
- murder mystery party
- picnic parties?
- more yoga!
- press flowers - I've never done this but they're so pretty!
- Say YES more often. More wine? Parties? Another brownie? YES, YES, and YES!
- have someone teach me to knit. (This means you Robyn)
- go to more potlucks.
- celebrate everything.
- more craft days - because i want a dream catcher and more hair bows.
- surprise people
- be more positive - no one likes Negative Nancey's.... or Nicole's. 

In general I would just like more days filled with bliss and adventure and love and smiles and surprises and friends and dancing always please!

Ps. Happy new year.. I've been absent for a while.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


it's fun going through your old photobooth pictures and stumbling upon gems that you completely forgot existed (or even knew existed!!) here are a some of my fave's:

jess, jill and nicole obviously getting shwasted

me and squatchi cuddling in bed

pumpkins: mine, nicole, olive

lazy afternoon

looking extra cute over christmas holidays with the new pup

the return of the one-sies


Thursday, January 5, 2012

a little late...

but i think i just died a little inside (of happiness, of course!).  It's like 500 days of summer re-unite!