Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do it to it.

Hey babes.
Here are some helpful tips from a girl that regularly trips over her own feet and blushes easily. Enjoy!
- Take pictures of all the cute/big/fluffly dogs you see on the street. This is usually easier/less awkward when the dog is tied up somewhere and their person is inside getting a coffee or something. Then you can look at the pictures when you are sad and need some cheering up.
- Fall in love with this girls hair.
- Choose a wine only because it has the prettiest label.
- Channel your inner forest dweller and wear hedgehogs on your hands!

- Pretend that fluffy dog is yours just to impress a cute boy. At some point the person will come out of the coffee shop and be like, "wtf get away from my dog." And you will look foolish. 
- Feel bad if you only meant to have one (or two) bites of the white chocolate brownie from Moxies and then all of a sudden you ate the whole thing. It was worth it.
- Go outside if rain drops are threatening to break through your bedroom window.
- Leave your sweaty gym stuff in your gym bag over night. Grosss.
- Forget to unplug your phone charger when you aren't using it!


xo jess

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