Friday, June 15, 2012

(secret) bad habits

so a few weeks ago it was my neighbour's birthday, so i thought it was a good idea to bake him some cupcakes. i found a great recipe that called for marshmallow fluff for the filling. now, being the amateur baker that i am, i forgot to write down  how much of each ingredient i needed for when i went to the store. well, i decided two bottles of marshmallow fluff would be better than one.

this shit is addicting.

i got super baked, and on the hunt for anything delicious i stumbled upon the forgotten baking ingredient....fluff....

on the back of the jar it has a recipe for a fluff sandwich. this consists of PB and fluff...

OMFG. its deliciously devil and disgusting.

whenever i get baked i crave this glucose fructose cane sugary spread

someone help me!

stay classy,
(help me)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

am i naked too often?

today my roommate said to me "why are you always naked?" while standing outside of my curtained bedroom.

I just prefer to be in my birthday suit, is that so wrong? i'm like the opposite of a never-nude. i'm an asoftenaspossible-nude.


Friday, June 8, 2012


so if you are my friend at all, you would know that an unfortunate event occurred to me last saturday at fernando's rumpus room. let me explain.

I was standing ever so cutely on the patio of fernando's, chatting away, loving life, enjoying the simpler times, when a boy (aka. kurt wilke, aka. weight of about 200 lbs) thought that the wooden object behind him was something he could rest his weight on. he was wrong. that wooden object was a sandwich board.

now you might be thinking, why does this matter to you, robyn? why does kurt wilke leaning against a sandwich board have any real significance in your day to day life and why on earth are you blogging about it right now? well. let me tell you.

I, yours truly, robyn cameron, robyn fucking cameron, robjob, robbie, bob, dummy, spillz, etc. was standing behind said sandwich board. now, let me show you.

this was the night of, the bruises are fresh and settling in nicely.

again, the night of the incident, note the dark emerging

day two, toilet shot

day three, the discoloration begins

day four, loving the green

day five

so, in case you are my friend, and wanted to see the progress my legs are making, there they be. although i am sure if you truly are my friend i have already showed you, regardless of what i am wearing.. (or tried multiple times to roll my pants up, but get stuck at the knee every time, or sent you multiple update photos)

"this shirt is long enough, i will just pull down my pants" (lucky jordan)
"here, if we hide behind the bar (at work) no one will see my butt" (lucky brianne)
"im wearing a dress, so it's not scandalous if i pull down my sparkly purple tights to show you all my legs" (lucky everyone at the party last night)

also, how many interesting ways are there to take pictures of your legs? it's challenging.

i think i may still be drunk and my belly is still processing the fact that i put a quarter pounder with cheese and way too much mc chicken sauce into it last night...WHO AM I?

anyways, stay classy kelowna! 
you know i will be

Monday, June 4, 2012


as a general rule, i am boy crazy, let's just face it (proof). boys are just so great, especially these two

roommate love!
(at least no ones nose bled)

stay classy kelowna!

Friday, June 1, 2012

as if i couldn't love you enough already

you have to go and do this

My sweet bon iver, my justin vernon, will you please marry me?


6th year baby

so, sasquatch has come and gone and I have to say that after 6 years of attending this magical/wonderful/amazing festival, this year was definitely one for the books! I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend my time with!

we drove down in a massive suburban: 5 girls, 5 nights, 1 suburban. the suburban of love. the suburban love nest of secrets. suburban of secrets. I learned so many wonderful secrets while in that bad boy, and none of them are ever leaving that big blue beauty.

we got into so many wild and crazy adventures and created way too many inside jokes that I never want to forget. this list may mean nothing to you unless you were there, and it will probably just make you feel really left out so i apologize...but none the less, here are the highlights of my 5 night 6 day adventure.

1. Pulling up to Wendy's in a huge suburban playing "no scrubs" and taking up 5 stalls.

2. Playing "i have never" "would you rather" and "who in our friend group has hooked up with another?"(our friend group is fucked!) on the drive down.

3.Waiting in line for 3 hours to get our wristbands, probably one of the best times ever - eating weed brownies and drinking copious amounts of beer to pass the time
4. Poochie Pouch! ( "for just 3 easy payments of 19.99, this poochie pouch can be yours, it looks real and feels real! perfect for festivals and going out with your friends")
5. Enjoy. Life. Robyn Cameron.
6. Munching so hard at the back of the suburban and devouring way too many tortilla chips.
7. You wanna know what time it is? I'll fucking tell you what time it is!?! It's 12:33 (whilst pretending to pull a gun out of your jean vest, only to reveal a watch)
8. Completing the challenge of "be on someone's shoulders" the first day
9. Matt Gilmore
10. Waiting in line 'to get into the festival' and having curtis tell us we were in the wrong one and having no one believe him
11. Getting our faces painted by annie
12. "Man i wish i was at couer de pirate with you guys"...."you were, and you loved it"..."yay!"
13. Getting so angry at people that they wouldnt come with me because I had something amazing to show them, only to present them with a bouncy castle and filling it with wayyyy too many people that they had to kick us all off by spraying us with water guns.
14. The sasquatch yearbook booth

(dave wins)
(i'm preeeeetttyyy sure they chose the worst of the three pictures...)

15. The honda car shots - "remember, you have to return these props"

16. Waking up one morning to open our tent and be greeted by our beloved nathan with a joint
17. "in my armpit..."
18. Discovering curtis and I have matching onesie's

19. Being barefoot as often as possible

 i'm having a blast with my friends
you can find me down in the USA
now its time to sing it all again

21. Being on wyatt's shoulders for Little Dragon
(this can of tuna is clearly very funny)

22.Cepacol numbing throat spray
23.The fact that seeing trevor without a wig was weirder than with - clearly Ash.

24. Not wearing a shirt for an entire day
25. Cee-lo Green
26. Pig-tying cameron because he needed to take a break
27. Literally sitting in piles of trash/beercans

29. Writing the following words on people for who knows what reason: Sasha- Free love, Jessica- Sexual, Cam - Emotions, Tayelor - musky, Myself- No monogamy

30. Being told that when I sit on people's lap I have a tendency to forget they are an actual person : "SHUT UP, CHAIR!"
31. Cam & Trevor doing dubstep, always.
31. Taking a 'minor' pit stop in ephrata and eating the garbage burrito, whilst contemplating how to get our friend out of jail
32. Proposing to Smasha
33. Watching matt suitor put on chapstick with his pinky.
34. dirty fingernails, stinky armpits, and nasty fucking hair

Well, party people, it was definitely the highlight of my summer thus far, so I can only imagine what's in store for the next 3 months. Speaking of which, stay tuned for robyncam's summer to do list! (sure to be filled with wild and crazy adventures)

much love, stay classy

Monday, May 21, 2012

stretchy pants and grippy shoes

so, if you know anything about me and jenna, you would know that we are high kick champs. it's become a little bit of a party trick these days. it's without doubt that if we are spending an evening at the neighbour's house the high kicks will emerge. it is also inevitable that someone will eat shit. the first one to have the most epic fall was lee. i didn't know if he was going to stand ever again.

on saturday night, i was lucky enough to have my 'great' friend nick videotape me doing my epic high kicks.

as of saturday, jenna and I have banned high kicks unless the criteria is met:
1. stretchy pants
2. grippy shoes

i hope that this video will make your day peachy:

my two favorite things about this video:
1. the position i land in
2. how quickly i get up, because, lets face it. i'm a mutha fucking champ

much love,