Thursday, November 24, 2011


your face sucks. and now i don't like you.

tincanheart made this great post on celebrities she doesnt like just based on their faces, and it's so true! (minus JGL, you bitch!). SO, in response, here are the people 'i have nothing to do with based on their faces'

kristen stewart- SRSLY! you need a new face! It kind of sucks that you're SO PRETTY (and dating a babe), but you need some sunshine in your life, girl. are you happy? sad? angry? mad? constipated? I CANT TELL BECAUSE THE ONLY FACE YOU MAKE IS THIS:

harry potter- i dont even know your real name. that's bad right? NOT! i never got into the whole harry potter thing, but this kid is a freak, man up. or stop being so british or something. and apparently he is getting 'hot' now that he is growing up...but that's like saying ron weasly is a babe! (JK!)
pube-tastic facial hair.

justin timberlake- never understood this, never will. can you imagine having a conversation with him? I think i would be bored to tears, and he would be all "happy-face-smile-i used to be in a boy band-and i suck on snl-and now i think i can act"

this one's a shout out! I don't care what ANYONE says, I would get down and dirty with this 'boy' in a heartbeat, in so many unspeakable ways!
hubba hubba!


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  1. HAHAH I love it! Kristen Stewart, so fucking true.