Monday, November 29, 2010

Tall, dark, and delicious.

Tomorrow I get to bake for my friend Wyatt's Christmas themed bake sale!!!!! And better? We are making gingerbread men! Im so excited to bake them. and then decorate them in funny costumes. I hope they look like these.

Or these

Or these


sooooo cute

HOW CUTE IS SHE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

When I grow up, I'm totally getting one. And I'm naming her Dragonette.
Jess and Dragonette. Cute, right?

I'm dyingggg.

xo jess

Thursday, November 18, 2010

happy november 18th, ladies & mo'st certainly gentlemen

get your vagina tickled by a mustache.

and you're not a whore if it's for charity!


ladies leave your man at home

All I want in my life right now is a Destiny's Child CD. Seriously, how fabulous were they??

xo jess

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We always get what we want.

1. Just the other day, I was talking about how I wanted to wear something neon. Obviously, my conversations are really intelligent and important. Anyways. And then yesterday, Jill, Sasha and I found a NEON yellow, DENIM pencil skirt. $15!!! Done and done, thankyouverymuch. Its the best!

2. So I came to school early to get some work done. I've been here for 40 min and so far I have:
- Written a facebook message
- Creeped on a couple that may or may not have broken up
- Searched for photos of neon things on google

xo jess

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I google imaged long fingernails out of a gross curiosity and am forever disturbed. I only hope that one day i can be like this. but for real, what is this lady thinking? did she just decide one day that she's not going to amount to anything in life so might as well try to grow her fingernails out as long as possible. how does she wash her hair? how does she eat? guaranteed she is getting zero ass.


p.s i am so sorry i did a post on this.


biggest turnoff ever

so. it's been decided. the biggest turn off ever/crush ender = long.finger.nails.

dont do it.

(unless you're wolverine from xmen...but those aren't fingernails? right?)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cat sleepover!

Things I've learned in the past two days:
1. You can't ignore a mouse problem. (Both Nicole and Robyn found mice in their ROOMS!)
2. Our landlord sucks at returning phone calls.

THEREFORE: My cat, Bow, is coming for a sleepover tonight!!! Its going to be so fun. We'll watch girlie movies and paint our nails and catch mice and stuff. Bffs!

Am I allowed to post twice in a row?? Is this blog-protocol?

xo jess

We got free coffee this morning! Dream. Come. True.