Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have many, many girl crushes. So many in fact I might actually make this a regular
feature on this blog! But first I will show you this lovely french lady whom I've
crushed on for years.

Girl Crush of my life:

Audrey Tautou - Simply stunning.

By the way.. Yesterday was officially my half birthday. And of course,
I spent the entire night alone drinking cheap boxed red wine. But I did buy myself
a present!
I would have shown a nice picture of them online but couldnt find one...
So here is a picture I took. Awful quality as it is from my iphone
but they are so beautiful. They're little suede slippers I looooove them!!!!

Anyone want to buy me (half) a birthday drink?
I am SO ready for this looong weekend - that officially starts in 30 minutes!


Ps.. I learned a neat trick the other day..
If you have a leftover bottle of champagne/sparkling cheap wine thats going flat and you want
 to bring the bubbles back, drop a raisin into the bottle!
Any carbon dioxide thats left in the wine will stick to the raisin's ridges and release
as tiny bubbles! Cool, right?

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