Wednesday, July 27, 2011


old people rock. seriously. i used to be really afraid of old people, thinking that like by just being around them, it would make me age faster and get wrinkly. i was convinced that old people shed their skin and that there would be old people flakes in their house. i used to call this fear, elderitis. although, looking back on it, it should be elderobia or something?

anyways, old people fully rock! they just dont give a shit anymore. and they are funny. and they have funny stories. and they get mad! and they are pretty dang sweet! i like when old people tell me a story about when they were kids, or teenagers, or young adults! i know it is hard to think of your parents as once being KIDS!? yea, yea, you can see pictures of them as kids and be like, yep. but thinking of them as the same age you once were is bizarre! what?

matei grandma is a pretty stern woman. one time she was at the train station and some guy was spitting in front of her and she said, "You little shitpig, i will hit you in your mouth if you spit in front of me again!" woooah!

anyways, i suggest if you are bored next sunday go to your g-ma, g-pa's or the nearest old folks home and ask them to tell you outrageous things!

love you.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you ever....?

A)Heard this song?

it has been blaring out of every single radio that we pass by and I can't get it out of my HEAD! Help. Please. Someone.

B) Been in water that was so salty that all you had to do was lie on your back and you would float, like an antigravity machine? That was all? No effort necessary? C'mon, jump in, leave your worries behind, we're having a party here! Hand me a margarita, please.

C) Heard of the red bull romaniacs? I hadn't either.

D) Had poop float past you in a public pool while sitting next to notorious gang members who have been to JAIL?

Well, ya. That's my bit.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food Heaven

There is a place. Its called Food Heaven.

There are a few ways to get there. Like, if you take a bite and your taste buds leap in the air and flip around and you might even cry a little? Or when you pause mid-bite and close your eyes because you want the flavor to last forever. Or if you can't stop thinking about it for over 4 hours after you ate it. Or if you need to take a moment of silence to honor your meal once you finished it. Or if you literally lick the plate clean. I mean spotless.
That's Food Heaven.

Perfect example. Nicole and I went to this Korean restaurant, Soban, for lunch today. We've been meaning to go FOREVER. I don't know why it took us so long.

SOBAN SEAFOOD TACOS. You'll die. I did. I died and went to Food Heaven. Get yourself some Soban and join me there.

Also. Sweet potato noodles. Whaaa? Get some.

xo jess

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How many is too many?

Rompers, that is.

Personally, I think more is more is more. My friend's brother also shares this view, but in regards to things like steak and cauliflower.

They are just so summery! And perfect for wearing overtop of bathing suits. The best part about them: ONE piece. It makes getting dressed a snap!

Better yet. JEAN rompers. This girl is rocking it!

xo jess

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Boizzz

So we have this friend. His name is Dustin.

Its his birthday today. We just made chocolate macaroon coconut almond butter. Woah. Died. So we made it in his honor. Not really. Dustin please go downtown so we can meet you. Even though there is no sun, we are so happy today. Its a celebration day.

Anyways happy birthday DUSTIN. You rule. obvs.

PS.. If you want to make this amazing chocolaty coconut almond butter go HERE
FOr realz. Do it. Make it. You'll poop your pants its so good. Jessica did.

PSS.. if you want to wish Dustin a happy birthday, you can text him @ 250-215-5057. Seriously do it.

nicole! & xojess

Monday, July 11, 2011


*sung in the tune of Disturbia by Rihanna*

Ohhhhhhkay. Hello! Greetings from Brasov!

I have a few things to talk to you about today:
A) Food (on request by nicole)
B) Electricity
C) Romania

So Europe has so much good food to offer, as I am sure you all know. It's getting a little outrageous actually. Right now we are staying at Matei's Aunt and Grandma's house and they are fantasio. They get all of their milk and cheese and sour cream and meats(most) brought to them from local farmers where everything is natural with no chemicals or preservatives. You have to boil the milk before you drink it- that kind of deal. It's so good. Every morning for breakfast we have a traditional European meal consisting of bread, meat, cheese, pate, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. You get the picture. It's delicious.

They also home make their jams. YUM! In the backyard there is a little cherry tree and a raspberry bush and its quite delicious. And they have this drink called syrup de soc. which is like a syrup/liquid made from these flowers and you mix it with water and it is soooo amazing.

Yesterday we went to see Matei's moms side of the family and it was something like 35 degrees. or I am sure it was cause it freaking felt like it. And we drove to this river where the locals go and have a BBQ and cook and eat. And by BBQ i dont mean that there are those ones set up where you like bring your own stuff. And i dont even mean like one of those coleman stoves. like they brought wood and an axe and they they found rocks and made a fire pit and then they had this metal grate thing that they cooked on. and we ate soooo much meat! it was delicious. I dont know how you could be a veggie(*ahem, sash, olivia). It was soooo good. they have this thing called Miche( mee-ch) and its like a hotdog burger style thing that is rolled into like, mini hot dogs. And since they cooked it on like a genuine BBQ it was all smokey and wonderful.

let me just get the electricity part over with. On the train to brasov I plugged my ipod in to charge and I got electrocuted and my ipod was resting on my leg and it got like burned!!! (but only a little)

Anyways. So on the drive to the river we drove through a gypsy village area. and there was a herd or horses just chillen on the side of the road eating garbage. and people were driving via horse-cart.

There are a lot of stray cats and dogs here which makes me sad though!

There is a dog that lives in the complex we are at. her name is fetty. she is the cutest thing ever. I took pictures, dont worry. and the best part is, she looks like a puppy! I could have sworn she was about 1 year old. NOPE! she is 10! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A DOG THAT LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY FOREVER! I am trying to convince matei to bring him home with us. Pawsible right? (you like that?)

We are staying just up the road from this picture:

I feel like I had so much to tell you all!

OH YA! I remember one quick story. I hope it's funny for you too. Keep in mind i dont speak romanian so this is my interpretation/somewhat trasnlated. Matei and his aunt(lala) and I went to go see the house where matei was born/grew up. ANYWAYS. so its like 930pm or whatever and we are just standing there like. cool. and lala was telling matei stories of when he was a kid. and this woman was like looking out the window. and lala was like hey! are you so-and-so's mom(one of mateis childhood friends) and she was like, ya...and lala was like. oh hi! i am here with matei! and this woman is like...whhhhaaat.. matei..matei rau! ohhhhh. so she comes down and is all hugging and kissing and so happy. and I am laughing cause this is all in romanian and its funny. and then this other woman walks up the alley and i guess lala recognized her from back in the day and she was like, ava?? and the woman was like..yes? and the woman looked at her and was like..maria?(that is lala's name)..and then she looked at matei was was like .. nuuu...matei rau! ohhhhhhhhhh! and then started doing all these gestures like a little boy and was all hugging and kissing and laughing and it was funny. and i was standing there nodding. like wtf. this was 15 years ago how do you remember this. and i dont think it can get any weirder when all of a sudden this boy our age walks up the street and matei and him look at eachother and they matei is like, damien? and the kid was like WAHHHHATT MATEI!? and then they speak in romanian. and i am about ready to walk away like wtf..! but this kid damien and matei grew up in romania and then both their families moved to canada together and matei had just seen this kid at christmas but didnt know eachother was going to be in romania.

thats cool right??? Maybe you had to be there.

Romania is great though.



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Babes and Food

My two favourite things combined.. Hot babes eating good food. mhmmm


Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fav's

Some of my favourite things today...

EGGS. I'm obsessed. I Love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Maybe even more than I love chocolate. I know crazy. But definitely not more than I love sandwiches. Unless there is an egg in the sandwich, then I go nuts. I am drooling over these right now..



This egg is on a quinoa patty! OMG YUM! Recipe

Also.. I leave for Halifax in 9 days! And then Im going to Toronto! EEEE!!! I am so excited. 17 days off work! CRAZY!!!!!

Happy Friday :)


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Wow. Honestly WTF gets me everytime.


And this! Kick-ass.

Honestly. Check it out!

xo jess

p.s. BIG SLOPPY KISS right back at you bb. MISS YOU.

Monday, July 4, 2011


a few things. I hate Vienna, wiener land. yuck. way to expensive. next. I love Budapest. we went to Sirius teahouse today and it was unreal I can't even begin check it out!!!!

next. let your tastebuds imagine this- chicken stuffed with Camembert cheese and apple and then breaded and cooked. best thing I have had in a while

next. lemon sheesha. run out to the next smoke shop and purchase this beauty of a flavour it is so smooth and refreshing.

oh and today I went to an unreal secondhand/vintage style store call retrock. google it?

and, today matei and I found a homeless black kitty cat who had sad crusty eyes and his little pink tongue was sticking out, and I think he had a cold. I wanted to/almost cried when I heard his wheezy little breaths. so matei and I went to the closest store and bought the scraggly little gaffer a can of kitty food and served it to him. he lapped it up so cutely. melted my heart.

we are at a hostel callled backpacker guesthouse. there is a dog here who rocks.


love and miss my babies back home sending big, wet, drunk kisses right on the MOUTH!