Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cute update!

In the mad search to do anything except for studying. I would just like to take you through my search history, and previously visited webpages.

I started out with searching: stick and poke tattoos, which led me here, to find this gem of a picture:

that site proved to be uninteresting so i moved onto a favorite, fuckyeahtattoos! where I read bogus stories of the 'meaning' behind tattoos. all of which are stupid and again, quite uninteresting. EXCEPT that i found some awesome girl (or guy?) who got this:

this sparked my interest in thinking of how people get obscure words tattooed on them, and then i started thinking of obscure words that i would tattoo on my body, and my brain stumbled upon "lioness" so i obviously googled "lioness" to find out as much information as i could, because, i mean if i am going to get "lioness" tattooed on my body i at least want to know what they are all about. 

THEN, i was like, lionesses are so cool! they are the hunters, they're social, and they stick with their sisters (can I get a what what!?). 

And then i got the desire to find out, what are the most loyal animals? this google search led me no where, so i searched, "awesome animals"...casual right? which led me to this little cutie puh-tootie site, where i stumbled upon this photo, and couldn't believe it (i had to scroll past pictures of SNAKES to get to this, proud or what?):
his name is Tinker Toy

i obviously didn't believe that this existed. c'mon! a cat that small! how bad do you wish that was on your lap right now, or in your scarf! a little kitty in your kitty cat scarf, aka kitty hammock. omg, i just imagined it, can you?? 

So i searched 'smallest cat in the world' and did some research...and then i searched 'smallest kitten in the world'...and i stumbled upon THIS:

I CLEARLY needed to see more pictures, and so i searched 'two headed cat' and there they be! the cutest little kittens in the world. omg. i love them! i think it's the cutest thing in the world. I would love the shit out of this cat! LOOK!!!

the best 2-for-1 ever!

Once i saw this,  i immediately thought, "OMG THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!!" (AKA. Jess, Jill, Sash and Nicole).

and now I have wasted another half hour. congrats me!


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