Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Some things Im looking forward to this month..
- Boys growing there mustaches
- The new twilight movie
(I may or may not have pre-purchased my ticket for the opening night)
- My half birthday is in 7 days. Yes, I do celebrate it.
- Spicy hot chocolate - I've been drinking it almost everyday, SO GOOD!
- Snuggling up beside the fire place
Yes, I live in a house with a fireplace again. Now Jess, Robyn and I all live apart. This makes me so sad, I love you both so so soooo much and already miss living with you. Who am I going to do youtube workout videos with in my kitchen? Who is going to eat bowls of raw cookie dough with me? My mom is definitely not going to try and learn the "single ladies" music video dance. And there is no way my dad will spend drunken nights looking at pictures of cute animals with me.
You guys were the BEST roommates.
I hope we share a house together again someday. But instead of hermit crabs as a house pet I think we should get one of these guys. Yeah??


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