Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let's face it.

Remember when mini eggs only came out around Easter? I loved it! It made them extra extra special. Story of my life: now that I can have them/him, I don't even want it/him anymore. Know what I'm taking about?

What I'm trying to say is that as much as I LOVE pumpkin flavored things, I'm glad its only here during fall.

Now, get your self to the nearest David's Tea, and buy yourself the Pumpkin Chai tea and improve your quality of life.

xo jess

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

For Robyn

That's all :) nicole!

cuz it just tastes better

today matei and i stumbled upon a free cooking demonstration with FREE samples! what? i love free food. especially free spelt salad. -robyncam

Friday, October 14, 2011

She's obsessed

xo jess


I just realized we havent introduced Sean on this blog yet. He's our new roommate.. The one that moved in when Jess left us. He's awesome but We'll talk about him another time. In approximatley 49 minutes Sean, Robyn and I will be headed to Vancouver to see Jess! and Party and eat so much good food and dance our faces off and meet lotsa cute boys. Its going to be sooooo FUN! I love roadtrips YAY! Ps.. has anyone been on foodgawker in the last few days? Is it just me or are all the food bloggers obsessed with cone shaped food lately? Ive seen so many cone shaped mounds of rice, jello, other weird desserts and its totally weirding me out! nicole! PARTY PANTS ARE ON!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i feel better

step 1) get stoned
step 2) watch these videos
step 3) enjoy!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

let's get drunk and eat waffles

ecstatic! this weekend we get to go see jess! can i hear a woo woo!? I'm: a) so excited about: a1) all the drinks we gunna' drank a2) all the food we gunna' feed a3) all the booties im gunna' shake! road trips + vancouver + nicole + jess + robyn (+sean) + booze = fun, fun, fun till my daddy takes the t-bird away

Amen, sister!

"This is my life!"

xo jess

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Unpleasant Surprise of the day.. When someone slams the door shut in the middle stall of the bathroom at work, the door to the stall left of it will pop open. Wide. Open. And since it's one of those wheelchair accessible stalls, it may or may not be impossible to grab that wide open door and shut it without having to get off your seat.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Currently accepting resumes, my ass.

Applying for jobs is the worst!!!

You know, when you walk in and you are all spiffed up and holding your freshly printed resume and all the staff and customers stare at you until you spit out that you are "looking for a manager because you would like to drop off a resume...?" or that you would like to "fill out an application...?? Please?". I don't know about you guys, but I usually stutter, at least once.
And then they put your resume on file, or in the garbage. I don't know.

How is it that my smelly brother gets jobs left, right, and center? I clean up way prettier than he does.

On a much much happier note, isn't this wonderful?

xo jess

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Valley Girl

Today was my first day of 'school'! Here are all the exciting things that happened to me:

1. I waited at the bus stop for a half hour before the bus came. Good thing allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes for a trip that should only take 25 minutes. I'm such a nerd. And apparently I can't read a bus schedule. Oh and when the bus did finally come, I walked into the door as it was opening cause I thought it would open from the other side. Busses are a large source of embarrassment in my life.

2. The man/boy that sat beside me in class had the LARGEST unruly beard. I could barely understand what he was saying to me because I wasn't sure if he even had a mouth underneath there. I think he was talking about how he just got home from working up north? And I think he was trying to explain the unruly-ness? I was quite fine with it. And he put his button-up shirt on inside-out. How do you even do that??? Best friends for life, at any rate.

3. Then my stomach growled really really loudly.

4. After class, I spent a little while trying to figure out which way was north. Direction/orientation is a serious problem for me. Ask this girl.

5. I came home and my Vancouver mum (Chris) asked me if I wanted a glass of wine and some brie. Oh, sure.

Now I'm day drunk! Yeee!

Our new blog layout/colouring reminds me of these:

xo jess