Wednesday, July 27, 2011


old people rock. seriously. i used to be really afraid of old people, thinking that like by just being around them, it would make me age faster and get wrinkly. i was convinced that old people shed their skin and that there would be old people flakes in their house. i used to call this fear, elderitis. although, looking back on it, it should be elderobia or something?

anyways, old people fully rock! they just dont give a shit anymore. and they are funny. and they have funny stories. and they get mad! and they are pretty dang sweet! i like when old people tell me a story about when they were kids, or teenagers, or young adults! i know it is hard to think of your parents as once being KIDS!? yea, yea, you can see pictures of them as kids and be like, yep. but thinking of them as the same age you once were is bizarre! what?

matei grandma is a pretty stern woman. one time she was at the train station and some guy was spitting in front of her and she said, "You little shitpig, i will hit you in your mouth if you spit in front of me again!" woooah!

anyways, i suggest if you are bored next sunday go to your g-ma, g-pa's or the nearest old folks home and ask them to tell you outrageous things!

love you.


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