Monday, July 4, 2011


a few things. I hate Vienna, wiener land. yuck. way to expensive. next. I love Budapest. we went to Sirius teahouse today and it was unreal I can't even begin check it out!!!!

next. let your tastebuds imagine this- chicken stuffed with Camembert cheese and apple and then breaded and cooked. best thing I have had in a while

next. lemon sheesha. run out to the next smoke shop and purchase this beauty of a flavour it is so smooth and refreshing.

oh and today I went to an unreal secondhand/vintage style store call retrock. google it?

and, today matei and I found a homeless black kitty cat who had sad crusty eyes and his little pink tongue was sticking out, and I think he had a cold. I wanted to/almost cried when I heard his wheezy little breaths. so matei and I went to the closest store and bought the scraggly little gaffer a can of kitty food and served it to him. he lapped it up so cutely. melted my heart.

we are at a hostel callled backpacker guesthouse. there is a dog here who rocks.


love and miss my babies back home sending big, wet, drunk kisses right on the MOUTH!


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