Monday, May 21, 2012

stretchy pants and grippy shoes

so, if you know anything about me and jenna, you would know that we are high kick champs. it's become a little bit of a party trick these days. it's without doubt that if we are spending an evening at the neighbour's house the high kicks will emerge. it is also inevitable that someone will eat shit. the first one to have the most epic fall was lee. i didn't know if he was going to stand ever again.

on saturday night, i was lucky enough to have my 'great' friend nick videotape me doing my epic high kicks.

as of saturday, jenna and I have banned high kicks unless the criteria is met:
1. stretchy pants
2. grippy shoes

i hope that this video will make your day peachy:

my two favorite things about this video:
1. the position i land in
2. how quickly i get up, because, lets face it. i'm a mutha fucking champ

much love,

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