Friday, May 18, 2012


can i just start off by saying that i am completely exhausted right now. been on a wee bit of a bender, came home early tonight to get some shut eye, thought to myself "i will watch just one episode of this TV show 'girls' and see what all the rage is about..."

I have watched all 5 episodes. it is 3:20 in the morning and now i cannot sleep. Have you seen this show?
It is perfect and perverted and wonderful and extremely awkward and hilarious and sometimes i want to know if someone got a hold of my life and put it on tv (jk)

***************************SPOILER ALERT***************************

SO, here are my favorite lines/moments for you fellow readers(not in order):

1. When the animal sex man makes hannah lie on her stomach and hold her feet and then she tries to take off her tights
2. That hannah ALSO has an irrational fear of HIV/AIDS. #twinsies
3. When hannah tries to sleep with her ancient boss-just for the story (please tell me other people do things just for the story..)
4. "suck on my balls"..."eww have you ever seen your balls?"
5. When hannah finds out that her ex boyfriend is gay (I am also guilty of making out with a guy prior to his coming out)
6.When hannah makes a date-rape joke and ruins her job interview (sometimes appropriate topics are hard, okay!)
7. When the babe says "but i want you to know, the first time i fuck you, i might scare you a little, because i am a man and I know how to do things.........see ya later" and then she goes into the bathroom and masturbates.

fuck me sideways this show is unreal!

well good night kelowna, or good morning i suppose

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