Tuesday, December 13, 2011

morning drunk

Is there actually anything funnier than being drunk at inappropriate times? Seriously though! In the morning? At 9am? In the middle of the afternoon? There ain't nothing greater. It's also amazing, because you justify things for yourself, "yes, i SHOULD have annies for breakfast...it was a fantastic idea drinking all that alcohol and i mean you barely ate...so...."

!!! and lie in bed and watch endless episode of the office, and day dream about john krasinkski and take pictures of yourself in photobooth..... that is how YOU should spend your day world!

Also, I bough a new bra from american apparel and I am in love with it! it's scandalous and delicious and i like the way it makes my boobies look when I take off my shirt. but, it really accentuates the fact that I don't really have breasts... but a girl can dream right!!?

It's a good thing that:
A) only sasha, jill, jess and nicole read this blog
B) maybe occasionally olivia

I think there is ketchup in my bed. It is always a good sign when you wake up with remnants of food in your bed. Guaranteed you had a good night, and if not, guaranteed you had good food, which pretty much equals a good night:

Some people think that money makes the world go round....false
food makes the world go round!

 (*will someone please bring me an avocado?)


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