Tuesday, December 6, 2011

marry me?

is it bad that i think about james franco about 48% of my day (granted the other 50% is consumed by ryan gosling/john krasinski, and the remaining 2% consists of real life...)

but can we seriously just take a moment and appreciate this gift? I mean, he is a modern day james dean!

I like watching movies that have james franco it, i like day dreaming about james franco, fuck i like just saying his name! 'james franco, james franco, james franco!"

I hope he is like his characters in real life. I would take any version of him. Pineapple express james franco! We could smoke weed, and play in the forest all day long, and we would go and visit his nanna!

James franco in freaks and geeks, hello daniel! I would be his alternative girlfriend, and we would smoke weed behind the school, and ditch school dances, and make out in the back of his car for hours!
(do you think he would mind if i made out with seth too?)

I even love james franco in milk, when he is kissing boys! It takes a true man to kiss another man. oh james, oh jamesy james. 

And, do I even need to mention the fact that he has the most magical skill of growing mustaches? Mustache rides all day! 

i would die to be that mirror. i can barely handle it. 

 james in the sun! james in the rain! james in the snow! james in the water! james in my bed?

snowball fight!

i'll lay in this field with you all day long, don't you worry.

 I think if i met james franco, i would intend to be really cool, maybe i'd even pretend i didn't know who he was!? (*celebs like that right?) and i would tell really funny jokes, and i would ask him if he wanted to smoke a joint, and he would obviously say yes, so we would go somewhere quiet, and then we would go on an adventure together, and there would be all this tension, because we obviously would want each other! and then we would end up making out for hours on end! and then i would act coy and he would be the one to call me! and text me! and send me naked pictures of himself. and i would giggle uncontrollably when he would send me pictures of himself, even on the toilet!

hook a sister up!


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