Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hank moody

is it just me, or is david duchovny a fucking babe? I started watching californication yesterday (and finished season 1), and i am Hooked with a capital H! This show is amazing.

Hank moody is a mf'ing god.

At first, you might just think that he is a sex-whore who fucks anything that moves, but in reality he is a deep and complex character. He doesn't just like women, he fucking LOVES women, all women, and most of all real women! He appreciates so many women for so many reasons!

Hank moody is a man! He doesn't let anyone mess with the any of the ladies he loves! Even if you're a one night stand(or a prostitute), hank moody will punch a brother out for you! He defends women's honour. Hank moody says whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and to whoever the fuck he wants. He is witty, smart, funny, sensitive and just plain sexy!

And although hank moody can best be described as a self-loathing asshole, at least he knows it.


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