Thursday, December 29, 2011

how do you do?

when was the last time you saw anchorman? Whenever it was, it wasn't recent enough, so i think you should watch it.

but! that's beside the point of this neurotic post. drinking/getting stoned alone is cute right? Because that's how i am spending my thursday evening. i've got the house to myself, jenna isnt here, new rommate isnt here, why not, right? get d-runk and rock with your cock out, am i right or am i right? (and by cock, i mostly mean chocolate stashed in the cupboards and that guitar you have been ignoring for way way too long).

i think its fatal that wyatt left a bottle of pernod at this residence. and also, the fact that it tastes like black licorice but is deceivingly 40%! Who does that?! Wyatt, i pray for you that it doesn't snow, because if it does, you are getting a face-wash!

I had a real reason for sharing this with you fellow reader, but it seems to have left my mind, so in the meantime, stay classy kelowna.


1 comment:

  1. Cutest girl alive. Keep me around when you make it to the top pretty lady..