Friday, June 15, 2012

(secret) bad habits

so a few weeks ago it was my neighbour's birthday, so i thought it was a good idea to bake him some cupcakes. i found a great recipe that called for marshmallow fluff for the filling. now, being the amateur baker that i am, i forgot to write down  how much of each ingredient i needed for when i went to the store. well, i decided two bottles of marshmallow fluff would be better than one.

this shit is addicting.

i got super baked, and on the hunt for anything delicious i stumbled upon the forgotten baking ingredient....fluff....

on the back of the jar it has a recipe for a fluff sandwich. this consists of PB and fluff...

OMFG. its deliciously devil and disgusting.

whenever i get baked i crave this glucose fructose cane sugary spread

someone help me!

stay classy,
(help me)

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