Friday, June 8, 2012


so if you are my friend at all, you would know that an unfortunate event occurred to me last saturday at fernando's rumpus room. let me explain.

I was standing ever so cutely on the patio of fernando's, chatting away, loving life, enjoying the simpler times, when a boy (aka. kurt wilke, aka. weight of about 200 lbs) thought that the wooden object behind him was something he could rest his weight on. he was wrong. that wooden object was a sandwich board.

now you might be thinking, why does this matter to you, robyn? why does kurt wilke leaning against a sandwich board have any real significance in your day to day life and why on earth are you blogging about it right now? well. let me tell you.

I, yours truly, robyn cameron, robyn fucking cameron, robjob, robbie, bob, dummy, spillz, etc. was standing behind said sandwich board. now, let me show you.

this was the night of, the bruises are fresh and settling in nicely.

again, the night of the incident, note the dark emerging

day two, toilet shot

day three, the discoloration begins

day four, loving the green

day five

so, in case you are my friend, and wanted to see the progress my legs are making, there they be. although i am sure if you truly are my friend i have already showed you, regardless of what i am wearing.. (or tried multiple times to roll my pants up, but get stuck at the knee every time, or sent you multiple update photos)

"this shirt is long enough, i will just pull down my pants" (lucky jordan)
"here, if we hide behind the bar (at work) no one will see my butt" (lucky brianne)
"im wearing a dress, so it's not scandalous if i pull down my sparkly purple tights to show you all my legs" (lucky everyone at the party last night)

also, how many interesting ways are there to take pictures of your legs? it's challenging.

i think i may still be drunk and my belly is still processing the fact that i put a quarter pounder with cheese and way too much mc chicken sauce into it last night...WHO AM I?

anyways, stay classy kelowna! 
you know i will be

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