Monday, June 6, 2011

girl crushes

to be honest, i like lindsay lohan. she's the tits. for real. first of all, she was in the greatest movie of my childhood- the parent trap (what 9 year old girl didn't watch the handshake scene repeatedly until she mastered it with her bff??) AND she's in one of the greatest movies of my teen years- mean girls. HELLO! everyone was all bummed when she got all hard core and was like, "she was such a sweet little girl..." wtf, ya when she was 9 she was sweet and nice. what about drew barrymore, who by the way is probably one of my second fave babes! she was smoking crack at 9 with e.t! and now she is THE covergirl. lindsay grew up into being a bad ass mother effer, who parties and smokes weed, and has sick style. and she's a lezbian! what?!


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