Monday, January 16, 2012

A New List

21 Things in 2012

- have an afternoon tea party
- make homemade jams
- write letters. and send them to friends. 
- More board games
- make a time capsule
- dress up more often - this includes dresses, heels and costumes
- play tennis - for once in my life
- tons of bike rides
- make a new friend
- take the summer off work to drink beer and meet cute boys - I am not letting another 4 years go by without going to the beach!
- murder mystery party
- picnic parties?
- more yoga!
- press flowers - I've never done this but they're so pretty!
- Say YES more often. More wine? Parties? Another brownie? YES, YES, and YES!
- have someone teach me to knit. (This means you Robyn)
- go to more potlucks.
- celebrate everything.
- more craft days - because i want a dream catcher and more hair bows.
- surprise people
- be more positive - no one likes Negative Nancey's.... or Nicole's. 

In general I would just like more days filled with bliss and adventure and love and smiles and surprises and friends and dancing always please!

Ps. Happy new year.. I've been absent for a while.


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  1. I say yes to all of these things as well!

    (also, is it blog-etiquette to post a comment on your own blog, from your other blog?...doing it anyways!)