Saturday, October 1, 2011

Valley Girl

Today was my first day of 'school'! Here are all the exciting things that happened to me:

1. I waited at the bus stop for a half hour before the bus came. Good thing allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes for a trip that should only take 25 minutes. I'm such a nerd. And apparently I can't read a bus schedule. Oh and when the bus did finally come, I walked into the door as it was opening cause I thought it would open from the other side. Busses are a large source of embarrassment in my life.

2. The man/boy that sat beside me in class had the LARGEST unruly beard. I could barely understand what he was saying to me because I wasn't sure if he even had a mouth underneath there. I think he was talking about how he just got home from working up north? And I think he was trying to explain the unruly-ness? I was quite fine with it. And he put his button-up shirt on inside-out. How do you even do that??? Best friends for life, at any rate.

3. Then my stomach growled really really loudly.

4. After class, I spent a little while trying to figure out which way was north. Direction/orientation is a serious problem for me. Ask this girl.

5. I came home and my Vancouver mum (Chris) asked me if I wanted a glass of wine and some brie. Oh, sure.

Now I'm day drunk! Yeee!

Our new blog layout/colouring reminds me of these:

xo jess

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