Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hostel etiquette

the following quiz requires no previous knowledge on hostels/ ever staying in a hostel.

1. If you come home at 1:30am to find that one of your fellow hostel roommates is sleeping with the lights off should you:
a) try to be as quiet and respectful as you can and crawl into bed yourself
b) turn on the lights and open the blinds
c) walk around in your high heels, for an hour- after turning on the lights
d) go on skype
e) open everything in your bag that you have previously packed in loud, crinkle plastic bags

2. If you come home at 3am after a hard night of drinking and are feeling oh-so sick, should you:
a) wait outside until you feel better or go to the washroom to upchuck the boogie
b) storm into your room, grab the nearest plastic bag and vomit into it for an hour in the company of 6 other people
c) begin to whimper in your bed after vomiting for an hour only to go to the bathroom and sob a little more while upchucking

3. If you plan on waking up at 630am to do your hair/makeup etc for the day should you:
a) go to the washroom so as not to wake people sleeping
b) turn on the lights, slap on your high heels and use the mirror next to said sleeping person you already woke up at 130am

if you chose anything other than a) I suggest you go fuck yourself.