Thursday, October 28, 2010


it's official. i want to be a part of an all girl band. not some stupid cheesy pop shit. a real, bad ass, girl band. where we can be high in all our music videos. and have a psychedelic, rock and roll, thrash vibe. and flip cameras off. but actually be soft spoken when you interview us. we'll all have our own quirks. they will always have to BLEEP out half of the shit that comes out of sasha's foul mouth, and she will always be experimenting with the newest fashion items, and will probably wear a headress just because she is famous and it is now acceptable, and we'll constantly be embarrassing ourselves in front of the camera by blurting out yuh-huh uh huhhhh. nicole will rarely talk and when she does it will be something really funny, and she'll bake us so many goodies for the road and give it to all the roadies, and she will always be wearing a leather jacket, and every girl will want her haircut, and she'll get real excited about everything. jessica will be the the girl that you think looks like a bitch, and when you get to know her, you realize she is a bit of a bitch, but the best sort of bitch. the kind of girl who doesnt take shit from no one and would never allow a boy to tell her she "looks like the kind of girl that kisses everyone" without slapping them across the face. and every guy would be happy to be slapped by her. she will obviously be the face of the group since she's so fucking classically beautiful. Jill will be the firey haired amazon goddess with legs that last for days, she'll be the lyrical genius of the group and will never be without a pen and paper and will constantly be jotting little notes down. she'll be real camera shy and come up with the most outrageous shit. on the way to most of our shows she'll be overwhelmed by all the people, and will tell you that. kelsey is going to be the head of the dance moves department and she'll come up with groundbreaking shit and have to teach us her newest moves all the time on the road. she'll be the one pushing for my psychedelic vibes and more weed smoking. kelsey will be the major sugar mama and will probably end up being extremely promiscuous with all our fans(sorry girl! secret hussy!). she'll always be in rad jeans and a tshirt to portray that classic bad ass vibe. i'll probably always be dressed in black, and always push for more skin, and try to convince the girls that face paint is the best accessory. i'll encourage more lyrics surrounding wolves and probably play a lot of eye seduction with all the boyz, i bet i'll start wearing a lot more eye makeup to do so (not so secret hussy!) and red lipstick will be my signature look. I CANT WAIT!!! WE ARE GOING TO BE SOOOO FAMOUS!!!


  1. F**K ya!
    Maybe I'll start wearing a headress in preparation.

  2. Sasha- Keyboards/Synth. Because it would look coolest with the headdress.
    Nicole- Drums. The littlest one makes the most noise.
    Jessica- Guitar. She would be reserved most of the time, but would pull crazy solos out of nowhere.
    Robyn- Pipes. I picture Robyn rolling around on the stage, getting tangled up in the mic cord and screaming about nothing in particular.
    Jill- Guitar/Backup Pipes. She would be nearly as wild as Robyn, but with red hair.
    Kelsey- Bass. But one of those giant upright ones. The mellowest girl gets the mellowest instrument.