Friday, February 25, 2011

Call me lady tiger

Watch out for my body rolls! Its about time this video gets posted on the blog. enjoy!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

My own kind of dinosaur

Current obsessions:

- Gwen Stefani
- The Question Game
- high waisted pants
- pretzels
- yellow nail polish
- dumbo octopuses! I just learned about them at school today. They are so funny/cute/disgusting!

xo jess

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

through thick and thin....

through neh-kid and not...
dont get in the way of my sexuality

"AND pizza subs are way better enjoyed as footlongs..not just a 'few bites'."


whenver you walk by the man stocking up the vending machine, how bad are you wishing that he will offer you something? for free....?..."hey! looks like you could use some hickory sticks! want some pepsi?! its on me!!...charleston chew! just for you!!!.... that never happens....


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

welcome to will-yums lake

SOoooOoOOoOOooo instead of doing all those fun and wild things listed below, such as fort building..i am spending reading break in williams lake! woo woo?

no. but for real..woo woo!! how does one describe williams lake. first off all. the public library is way too busy, i had no idea people still went to public libraries first of all, but they do, and they go HARD. (I am embarrassed to admit that i am spending my reading break days in the library but..when in rome?)

however i did accomplish a few things while here: tequila and getting shwasted.

went to the good ol' overlander(aka. The ov, aka. a hotel bar) on saturday and got wildin', wyatt and I attempted to two-step to you and me go fishing in the dark.

williams lake:

-no one knows me so i can leave the house feeling less than cute
-sleeping in
-sun and snow
-mount timothy, where you can spend $24 on a day pass and have the whole mountain to yourself.
-no tv
-you can order a triple at the bar and they serve it to you in a vase!

-everywhere you go it smells like value village
-your hands feel consistently dirty
-the movie store closes at 8pm
-everybody stares

and to quote rylan...."the best thing about williams lake is leaving!"


p.s- mateis' cat, tsi-tsi, is the cutest prince I have ever met. he has a very sophisticated taste in music, no jokes. if you put on a song he doesn't like, he will meow and meow and meow. and he is a wild beast. he rolls around in the dirt. and he has such a human face. and you can speak to him like a human and he understands you. and he is just so fat...well furry.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Books are for fools!

The only reason I go to school is for Reading Break. Seriously. I may be a student my whole life. When else will you get a scheduled party-your-brains-out-week every February? Unless you are a celebrity, I guess, but thats different.

Reading break is the BEST.


-watching movies in the fort you built
-getting delivery sushi
-day-time drinking
-road trips!
-beach parties! (not really)

In the states, spring break looks like this:

xo jess

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rules to becoming a Victoria Secret Angel

1. Lemons always. Especially in the morning.
2. Dreamcake is allowed for dinner.
3. Kitty and jellybean.
4. Lets get boob tape.

xo jess

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our recipe for a good time

Getting drunk off beer shots

destroying our house and ourselves


busting out the dance moves

Then we ventured to the club to dance our faces off and we hung out with the bathroom lady

We had SO much fun. Cant you tell?

Ps.. Tomorrow I am making this little baby I'm so excited!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today was the funnest.
It included pumpkin waffles (!!!!), learning to drive standard, birthdaycake icecream with raspberries, sunshine, and looking at pictures of sea turtles on the internet.

I also had to study a bit (midterms suck!) but the rest of the day totally made up for it.

And we're going dancing sooooooon! Perfect.

xo jess and nicole!